Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is a game which was created more than 10 years ago and became very popular. It used Flash Player and was very popular among kids who played it at school because of the multiplayer mode. In fact, Gun Mayhem 2 is a retro game which will never die because the developers created a new version and moved to a newer platform to secure the game and give us opportunity to play this awesome game forever.

Gun Mayhem 2 is the second version of the game with a better gameplay and graphics. The mission of the played is to enter the duel and destroy your opponent with different weapons. The variety of weapons is really huge in this game – you can get the weapons by getting the boxes falling from sky. The most powerful weapons in this game are : sniper rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher. To win the match, you have to either kill your enemy or fall him down from the platform.

Gun Mayhem 2 offers the single player mode as well as multiplayer. The collection of maps is also rather big in this game so you can choose different maps to have even more fun. The physics is really good as well as movements and graphcs so you will have a lot of fun playing Gun Mayhem 2 so enjoy it at our website.