Head Soccer

Head Soccer is one of the oldest soccer games and in my opinion, the best one. In fact, many years ago this game gave birth to the new category of sports games where the players had only a huge head and had to use it to win the match. In this game, you have to enter the English Premier League and try to win it. At the beginning of the game you can choose your favorite team. Then you will see the table with points. Your main mission is to become the N1 on the leaderboard and win the trophy. Keep in mind that losing a match is not a tragedy in this game because you can still be high on leaderboard if you have enough points. The teams are given : 3 points for winning, 1 points for draw and 0 points for loss.

In Head Soccer you have to use your foot or head to score goals. Every match lasts 60 seconds and the team with more goals wins the match. Keep in mind that all teams have different skills and stadiums. Some of them have so difficult stadium that you will spend a lot of time until you manage to overcome them. During the match you can use special perks – just hit the ball with the icon and the special skills will be activated. Some of those perks are very useful while some of them can harm you. For example, you can turn the ball into basketball ball and it will bounce harder or you can even turn it into a bowling ball which is pretty heavy. Enjoy the full version of the Head Soccer for free at our website.