MooMoo io

MooMoo io was among the very first io games which appeared on the market and I think it is among the best games on the category of strategy/survival games today. The game is not simple – there are tons of different upgrades and different strategies so I will tell you about basic ones – the rest you can figure out while playing this awesome game at our website.

So, MooMoo is a game where you start with an axe and have to collect resources and build a strong base or play as a lonely warrior attacking enemy villages or hunting alone. There are three basic resources and the one that can give you additional skills – Wood,Stone and Food are the basic resources which are needed to build village, gold mines and use the weapons but the Gold is resource which can unlock you new armor and new hats. I will speak about it below. Gethering resources is very important in this game and you can do it more fast if you choose a better weapon for it. Let me explain – you have to choose the path of your warrior at the beginning of the game – you can use the weapons which are better for getting a lot of resources but weak at 1v1 fight but you can also choose the swords and heavy weapons which are useless at getting resources but very powerful at battles. The best idea is to join the team and work as one – if there are players in your team which can provide the base defence, you can choose attacking weapons. If no – choosing a stick or axe is a good idea.

You can go hunting to get food and there are several tools for it. You can use traps to catch the big animals or even enemies and then kill them or you can use bow and arrows to kill animals at long distance. A good idea is to use the combination of traps and spikes to kill big animals fast. Now a few words about Gold and upgrades. When you have enough gold, you can buy hats and armor. Keep in mind that some hats are just for fun and don’t give you any skills while others can give you additional speed or some attack increase. When you enter the Hats menu, you should read the description of each one before bying it. The most valuable hats which cost most of all can give you ability to become invisible like ninja. Enjoy the MooMoo at our website and become the biggest warrior on the server.