Return Man 2

Return Man 2 is one of the most famous and most addictive games about American Football which was created long time ago by ESPN. You might know that the original version of Return Man 2 was created using Flash Player but in 2020 year all flash games were disabled. Because of the huge popularity and demand, the developers decided to give this game second life instead of killing it forever and as a result you can now enjoy the original edition of the game on all devices, including smarphones.

The gameplay of Return Man 2 is pretty simple – you have to move your player towards the yellow circle and catch the ball. Then you must run as fast as you can,get around the defenders and score a touchdown. The mission is pretty simple but keep in mind that as you progress, the number of defenders will increase as well as their speed. You will need to use some special perks like speed boost to achieve success. You will also unlock some special moves that will help you to overcome defenders. In the end, Return Man 2 is a really addictive online game with awesome graphics and great levels. Check out the game controls below and enjoy the game for free.

[I][J][K][L] or arrow keys to move
[A][S][D] to use special moves